Art2020 Prize Winners

The Harlow announces the award-winning artists for Art2020, the 25th Annual Juried Show on view virtually through June 21, 2020 here.

The Harlow is thrilled to have Erin Hutton as the juror for this year’s show. She is an art advisor, curator, and founder of Erin Hutton Projects. Read more about her here.

Prizes for Art2020, The Harlow's 25th Annual Juried Show were awarded as follows:

Best in Show was awarded to David Estey of Belfast for his acrylic and graphite on panel entitled “Fishers.” Erin Hutton wrote, “David’s use of the materials, mark-making, and subtle narrative leaves the viewer captivated by curiosity. He states ‘My finished pieces are sometimes nonrepresentational but more often, oddly narrative.’”

Second Place was awarded to Jennifer Lee Morrow of Westbrook for her mixed media entitled “Making My Mark.” Jennifer states “Ultimately, I strive to create objects of beauty that will enhance the viewers’ lives as they connect to the story, the colors, the surfaces, and the imagery of each piece.” Erin Hutton says, “I’m most drawn to just this within her work. I see something different each time I look at this piece - building on the story that is there.”

Third Place was awarded to Larinda Meade of Portland for her aquatint, drypoint etching entitled “ Cobscook Shore.” Hutton states, “‘Cobscook Shore’ is filled with energy and calm at the same time. The skillful use of materials to create a soft landscape offers the viewer a rich composition that flows across the page.

Juror’s Choice Prize was awarded to Ryan Kohler of Skowhegan for his mixed media on canvas entitled “Snaggletooth.” Hutton wrote, “Ryan’s “Snaggletooth” is a combination of skillful material handling that creates a playful and intriguing atmosphere. His use of color and light captivate me and create an energy that envelopes the canvas.”

The following artists were awarded Honorable Mentions:

Ingrid Ellison of Camden for her oil on panel entitled “Summer Plans.”

Ronald Frontin of Rockland for his oil on paper entitled “Alone.”

Ian Trask of Topsham for his work entitled “Hoop” made from miscellaneous materials, thread, and monofilament.

Sandra Stanton of Farmington for her oil on canvas entitled “Balm.”

Tracey Cockrell of Woodstock, New York for her work entitled “Seaweed Remembers the Sounds of the Oceans: Seaweed SoundGarden #1” made with Kelp, conductive thread, earth magnets, ebony, microcontrollers, rechargeable batteries, audio of Maine coast and Bay of Fundy. Click here to listen to accompanying audio for this piece

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